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We named our group GNB just because, WE REALLY GOT NEW BUSINESS! =D This group contains 5 absolute stunning designers from UiTM of Arts and Designs faculty. Lead by Amar Qastellani, this group has very much potential in photography with Aiman Aqwa, illustrations by Nabil Fikri and Israrfaiq Egha , or you might say we have our very own rockstar in the group with Khairul Naim on the front. Pretty much every thing is said about the group, we turn to the project. The project is to create a 60sec animation, for our final project. We generated an idea from our very own MALAYSIAN flag~ which has 4 colours and 3 of them are primary colors. From this concept, we took the 3 primary colors and turn it into characters. As you all can see at the initial sketches, we have 3 races in the animation and a slight message is filled in using these 3 colors. For whatever reason or message you can see in the animation, it is exactly what we are hoping to give. Awareness or a simple sketch, we are supporting our country by contributing this animation for the country and society. Do follow us, like us on facebook, read our blog and don’t forget to watch our animation soon. You’ll certainly like it =)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Our Organization Chart

Release date:
22nd April 2011

Story-telling, history, education, comedy.



Description :
Director - Amar Qastellani
Producer - GNB, OMGLaserGunPewPewPew!
Writer - GNB, Aiman Aqwa.
Designer - GNB, Israrfaiq Egha, Aiman Aqwa
Animator - Amar Qastellani, Khairul Naim
Character Designer - Nabil Fikri, israrfaiq egha
Concept Artist - GOT NEW BUSINESS
Storyboard Artist - Nabil Fikri, Amar Qastellani.
Executive Management* - OMGLGPPP!

Directed by:
Amar Qastellani
Story By
Screenplay by
GNB and OMGLaserGunPewPewPew!
Produced by
GNB and OMGLaserGunPewPewPew!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Initial Character Design! Teaser Poster NEXT ISSUE

here we are again with a simple blog for simple malaysians! bolehh laaah~
like our words of catchiness and simplicity, we are accepting few ideas as well in the real world where we live of working for somebody giving more ideas of our traditional ways and combine it with something new.

Well, these are sketches of our characters in the animation! introducing 3 main characters for the animation which resemble, can guess..our very own nationality and races in Malaysia. So, there you go!

A teaser poster for the animation..~ 
dum dum duuuummmmmm~ =D

Monday, 28 February 2011

what hell?!

nice eh. ''i like this boy very nice boy''. one of our quote in GNB wahahahahah. sort of